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M. P. Sivagnanam (fondly called by Tamils across the world as Ma.Po.Si) is a freedom fighter, a learned scholar of Tamil literature and great leader who forged a new identity for Tamil Nadu, Tamil language and Tamil Culture thus known aa the “Father of Tamilnadu” State.

Ma.Po.Si’s literary expositions were immaculate and he delved into ‘Silappathikaram’ and helped spread the epic throughout Tamil Nadu. His work on V.O Chidambaram Pillai, ‘Kappalottiya Thamizhan’ was so popular, it ended up becoming the great  leader’s sobriquet.

Ma.Po.Si was a great chronicler of events, not only the biographies of legendary figures he admired but also of events that shaped India as we know today.

Ma.Po.Si was a staunch believer in strengthening traditional roots through extensive use of mother tongues, he loved Tamil language and culture and gave the clarion call that resonated in every Tamil home. “Engum Tamil – Edhilum Tamil” meaning “Tamil Everywhere – Tamil Everything”.Thiru Ma. Po. Si avargal was a self taught genius.

Unable to complete his education because of poverty, he was so determined to acquire knowledge that he studied on his own and rose to great eminence as one of the foremost Tamil scholars of his time. He won several honorary doctoral degrees besides the Sahitya Academy Award.

Rajaji paid a glowing tribute to him for his leadership role in the freedom struggle. He said that described in the independence struggle in Tamil Nadu, Rajaji himself was the Arjuna, while Ma Po Sivagnanam was his philosopher-charioteer like Krishna.

Ma Po Si was a true nationalist and a man who exemplified the best of Indian values.

“Viduthalai Poril Thamizhagam” is a great compilation by him on the role of Tamilnadu in the Nationalistic movement. It details the participation of Tamilnadu people in freedom struggle that took place in the first half of twentieth century. It is  an encyclopedia of Nationalists hailing from the modern Tamilnadu.

 Shri Ma.Po.Si started a movement called ‘Tamil Arasu Kazhagam’ and demanded proper status for Tamil in administration and education.His political party had a unique way of functioning. Theirs was the only party to conduct a literary discourse on the previous day and conduct the political conference the next day morning.

Ma Po Si is indeed a versatile personality who has left an indelible impression on the history of Tamil Nadu and India.  His ideas and vision are as relevant today as they were when he espoused them.